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What is the Skin Barrier About?

Can a facial help my skin barrier?….🤔

What is the skin’s barrier? What does this lipid barrier do?

There are several different names which refer to this barrier. It can be called our lipid barrier, sebum barrier, acid mantel, stratum corneum and when it isn’t doing it’s job we refer to it as compromised barrier function.

Our skin is structured much like a sponge. If we put a wet sponge on the counter over a period

of time it would dry out and become rough and dry. If we put the sponge in a ziplock baggie it would stay protected and hold it’s moisture. Our skin’s lipid barrier works like the baggie holding in moisture, keeping bad things out and good things in.

What makes up our skin’s lipid barrier?

Our properly functioning barrier is made up of water, oil, and dead skin. These ingredients when at a perfect mixture is our invisible forcefield to protect our skin. When this mixture is compromised it can allow overgrowth of bacteria, allow viruses to enter, and not protect us from UV rays. It can also hold in too many dead skin cells allowing them to build up creating havock, giving our skin a dull appearance, and create a food source for bad bacteria to grow and reproduce.

How does a facial help the skin lipid barrier? During a facial we will break down the lipid barrier, exfoliate to remove excessive dead cell build up, and rebuild the barrier to improve it’s proper function. Massage during a facial will increase blood flow to stimulate the skin and help drain lymphatic build up.

We LOVE ❤️ to visit about how we can help your skin to keep a healthy lipid barrier! Kristin and her Aestheticians can set up a skin care regime to suit your specific needs.

Book a free consultation at 816-401-1435 or book online at

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