Dermaplaning Facials

Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dirt and vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz.” The exfoliation and hair removal can leave your skin brighter and smoother. The treatment may soften fine lines and wrinkles and ease hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone. It’s also used to treat deep acne scars. Your hair will not grow back thicker or darker. Most people have little to no irritation or reaction.  These treatments can be done every two to six weeks to keep skin glowing.


Dermaplane with HydroCleanse

After Dermaplaning we use a machine which works much like a carpet shampooer. It pushes a solution into the skin and sucks it back out bring along with it dirt and debris. It also flushes pores and lifts dead skin. 


Dermaplaning with Enzyme Mask

An enzyme is another form of exfoliation. It eats away to dissolve dead skin and debris. This type of exfoliation will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. 


Dermaplaning with HydroJelly Mask

Exfoliate and Hydrate with NO Down Time!

The perfect treatment to treat yourself! These masks infuse polysaccharides that have been proven to enhance the skins barrier function, replenish the skins natural water reserves and increase its moisture - retention capabilities.​


Dermaplaning Deluxe

Include Three Non-Chemical Exfoliation in one treatment.  Dermaplaning- Hydrocleanse - and Mask to improve texture and leave with your skin feeling lighter and brighter.