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Single Treatment $199

6 Treatment Package $499

Detox, Tighten, and Hydrate Your Face and neck with this Soothing Facial. Dermaplane, Skin Tightening on Face and Neck.


Acne Facial

Acne extraction is the process of clearing a clogged or compacted pore with the help of special, sterile tools.

Helps to clear out all of the unwanted gunk inside of your pores, including dirt, makeup, sweat, and excess sebum.

60 Minute Gua Sha Facial $70

Used in traditional Chinese medicine, gua sha (gwah-shah) involves scraping a boomerang-shaped or rounded edge tool (usually made of jade stone or rose quartz) along the face and body to relieve muscle tension, boost circulation, and reduce inflammation.

Level 1 Peel $60

Add Dermaplaning for $30

This is a Gentle Exfoliating Enzyme Based Lift that Gently Exfoliates the skin. This treatment includes a Scrub to remove dirt and debris, Enzyme peel to dissolve dead skin, and a hydrating mask to put moisture back into the skin. 

Signature HydroFacial $140

Basic HydroFacial $120

This is a results driven treatment with no down and customizable to fit your needs time The treatment includes Basic HydraFacial, Dermaplaning, Custom Peel, and Stem Cell Red Light Therapy.

Level 2 Peel $85

Level 3 Peel $120

Level 2 Peels are customized to your individual needs. May have mild redness and flaking. 

Level 3 Modified Jessner are low-medium debt grade peels targeting hyperpigmentation and antiaging. Expect peeling, flaking and redness for 7-10 weeks after treatment.